Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering

The Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering skills path teaches you the fundamentals of reverse engineering malware, including anti-reversing techniques.



47 minutes

Examine the intricacies of assembly and disassembly in an X86 context. Includes videos on arithmetic instructions, logical instructions and operands.


Reversing Tools

32 minutes

Explore the intricacies of multiple reversing tools, beginning with a close look at Interactive Dissasembler (IDA).


C Code in Assembly

48 minutes

Take a closer look at C code in assembly, including loops, linked lists, stacks and heaps.


Windows Internals

33 minutes

Explore the reverse-engineering of Windows with this course on Windows internals such as network APIs and services.



41 minutes

A close and personal look at debugging, with nine videos taking you through stepping, breakpoints and exceptions and more. Includes in-depth examples.


Common Malware Behavior

55 minutes

Improve your malware-hunting skills with a course on injection types, network functions and other fundamentals of malware behavior.


Reversing Rootkits

11 minutes

Look more closely at the challenge of reversing rootkits with four videos on rootkit structure and behavior.


Anti-Disassembly, Anti-Debugging and Anti-VM

32 minutes

Malware doesn't want to be disassembled, and it's going to fight you. Seven videos examine anti-disassembly, anti-debugging and anti-VM strategies used by malware.


Packed Malware

16 minutes

Sometimes, malware is just hiding. Four videos examine the issue of packed malware, including tools, tricks and popular packers.


Obfuscation, Encoding and Encryption

40 minutes

Reintroduce yourself to three ways malware disguises itself: obfuscation, encoding and encryption.


Reversing C++

27 minutes

Our four-video course will reintroduce you to the art of reversing C++.


Reversing 64-bit Malware

14 minutes

Two videos take you through the ins and outs of reversing 64-bit malware, including functions, code samples and tools.