Computer Forensics

The Computer Forensics skills path teaches you critical techniques about identifying, preserving, extracting, analyzing and reporting forensic evidence through use of the most popular computer forensic tools.


Computer Forensics as a Profession

27 minutes

Learn what it's like to be a computer forensics professional in this introductory course covering duties, procedures and practical advice.


Digital Evidence and Legal Issues

1 hour, 52 minutes

Explore potential legal issues related to digital evidence, review citizens' rights and gain insight into real-world cases in this computer forensics course.


Computer Forensics Investigations

2 hours, 21 minutes

Take a deep dive into the process of conducting computer forensics investigations, including procedures, methodology, tools and reporting.


Aspects of Hard Drives

44 minutes

Learn about technical aspects of hard drives and how they relate to computer forensics as you progress through this course.


File Systems

45 minutes

Learn all about file systems, including essential topics related to finding and uncovering data, as well as the tools used to do so.


Email and Browser Forensics

2 hours, 0 minutes

Explore a variety of concepts around email and browser forensics and learn how those concepts are applied in this eleven-video course.


Network Forensics Concepts

50 minutes

Develop your knowledge of network forensics concepts, tools and techniques as you progress through this five-video course.


Data Hiding

40 minutes

Explore how cryptographic hashing, stenography and other techniques are used to hide data, as well as how that data can be discovered.


Memory Forensics

19 minutes

Learn all about memory forensics, including using popular tools, conducting live analysis and carrying out basic forensics processes in this brief course.


Passwords and Encryption

49 minutes

Discover key forensics concepts and best practices related to passwords and encryption, including how to gain access to a suspect's device.


New and Emerging Technologies

1 hour, 5 minutes

Explore how new and emerging technologies are affecting forensics, including virtualization, social networks and gaming.


Introduction to Mobile Forensics

43 minutes

Get an introduction to mobile forensics and the challenges mobile devices present to investigators in this overview course.


File and Operating System Forensics

1 hour, 24 minutes

Explore a variety of concepts around file and operating forensics and learn how those concepts are applied in this eight-video course.